Year: 2021

Year: 2021

Skills for a successful law career
December 8, 2021 Main Richard Bates

Law firms look for a mix of legal competencies when selecting candidates – take a look at some of the skills needed to be a lawyer Commercial awareness One of the most important skills lawyers need basically means possessing knowledge of current developments in local, national, and world business, particularly any issues that impact a

Advantages of Being a Criminal Lawyer and Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer
November 10, 2021 Main Richard Bates

There is more benefit to work as a criminal attorney as it has a lot more benefit than being a public attorney and the earning cause is also much more so its guaranteed that if you are skillful criminal lawyer you are going to spend a luxurious life ahead. Notwithstanding criminal protection, you may look

What You Can Expect from the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer
September 28, 2021 Main Richard Bates

If you’re looking at prison time or a hefty fine, it’s a good idea to look into hiring the best criminal defense lawyer possible. You may have the ability to get a court-appointed lawyer if your income qualifies. Simply put: the legal system is designed to make competently representing yourself in criminal trials almost impossible. Even if

6 Things To Consider When Hiring A Criminal Attorney
September 7, 2021 Main Richard Bates

When searching for a good criminal defense attorney, there are many factors to consider. It is important that the lawyer you choose is licensed to practice in your state, has the qualities you are looking for and will give your case the attention you are looking for. With so many factors (including experience, location, and

What to Look for When Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer
August 27, 2021 Main Richard Bates

Being arrested or charged with a criminal offense can be one of the most stressful and scary moments of a person’s life. You see your life flash before your eyes, and possibly falling apart. As a result, marriages or relationships may end, you may be fired, and even lose your licenses (both driver’s and professional).

August 18, 2021 Main Richard Bates

Whether you decide to plead guilty or not guilty to criminal charges getting legal advice and representation from an experienced criminal lawyer can change the outcome of your case. Here are 8 very good reasons why you need an expert criminal lawyer. 1. SAVE YOURSELF STRESS & WORRY. The law changes frequently and complex issues often arise. It takes

Crime prevention and criminal justice
July 29, 2021 Main Richard Bates

Any form of crime undermines the rule of law. Preventing crime involves taking measures that seek to reduce the risk of crimes occurring, and their potential harmful effects on individuals and society, including fear of crime, by intervening to influence their multiple causes. The criminal justice system addresses the consequences of criminal behaviour in society

July 14, 2021 Main Richard Bates

PART I: GENERAL STANDARDS Standard 4-1.1 The Scope and Function of these Standards (a) As used in these Standards, “defense counsel” means any attorney – including privately retained, assigned by the court, acting pro bono or serving indigent defendants in a legal aid or public defender’s office – who acts as an attorney on behalf of a client

Criminal Defense Law
July 1, 2021 Main Richard Bates

What is Criminal Defense Law? Criminal defense law consists of the legal protections afforded to people who have been accused of committing a crime. Law enforcement agencies and government prosecutors have extensive resources at their disposal. Without adequate protections for the accused, the balance of power within the justice system would become skewed in favor

Offense Classification
June 2, 2021 Main Richard Bates

Classification of Criminal Offenses Criminal statutes in every state have multiple categories of criminal offenses, which often include felonies, misdemeanors, and infractions. Lawmakers determine the category of a particular offense based on factors like the offense’s severity, the circumstances in which it took place, and the damage caused. Certain provisions of federal criminal law apply to people